Model SR-FSY-300T


This machine can offer a new type single line special shape stick packet with excellent versatility. this makes it possible to measure and fill viscous liquid, such as chocolate paste, mayonnaise, ketchup, syrup, shampoo, etc.


1. Humanized round corner design, skin protection of users.

2.Three dimensional easy tear design guarantee much easier opening. 

3. Unique sealing system avoid bag leakage and wrinkles, guarantee sealing margin flat and neat, to present beautiful packing effect.

4. Air driving sealing system makes machine run steady and with perfect packing bags.

5. Adopt servo motor with PLC touch screen controller, easily understandable operation, user interface, low maintenance.

6.Adopt personalized bag making system which can make the bag neat and beautiful.

7.Customized all types of bag shape based on customer’s special requirement.

8.The bag is formed by a mold, making bag neat and beautiful.

9.Movable horizontal sealing design works with patented balance technique ensures tight and neat sachets.

10.With double jacket hopper, machine can keep filling temperature of liquid product sa 40℃, suitable for hot filling product.

11.Equipped with mixer inside the hopper, to achieve anti-sedimentation, help filling evenly and smoothly.

Main technical parameters

Maximum Bag Size:

L:180mm W:50mm



Maximum Filling Range:



220V, 50HZ, 3.5KW

Air consumption:


Weight of Machine:




Packaging Material:

Heat-sealable Lamination

Depending on product property and filling volume

Other Picture

Machine video